Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iT kEePs gEtTiNg sHoRtEr

I couldn't tell you what came over me but about a week ago... but I decided to chop my hair OFF!

I'm really suprised by this as I'm a 'big hair' girl... buttttt... I really AM loving it!!!

In one of the few days of summer that we've actually had in the past while... I went out with some friends to the harbourfront for some r & r... thats the CN tower in the background...

Dress: A lucky HEAVILY discounted buy from consignment store, Glasses: Prada Butterflies, Flipflops: Havaianas, White Gold studs: Italy, handbag: Miss Sixty Red Lipstick: Rimmel, Cherry Burst Lancome juicy tube for topcoat

Then a couple days later, I went to a friends birthday get-together with my best friend... the first time a lot of my friends saw my hair... they too, love it.

Strapless dress: Forever 21(and i LOVE IT!!!), shades: Prada Butterflies, black flats: bamboo, Silver arm cuff: really wikkid jewellry store downtown... the name of which I don't remember... but this cuff makes me giggle with gleeeeeeee

The possibilities with short hair seem almost limitless... I really am surprised cos I thought I'd hate this... considering I've a round face... but so far.. so good..


  1. The new do is fabulous, darling!
    And I love your dresses too!


    P.S. Thanks for your awesome comment :)

  2. oh god!you do crazy things with your hair!!!!brave you!!
    u always look fab and i like your style!

  3. love your new hairdo :)
    great photos, girl. xoxo

  4. love the strapless blue dress....and the edgy short hair

  5. You look great! As a short haired-connosieur myself, I like a nice basic cut. Your cut is timeless and versatile. Very nice!

    I don't think you could've matched that frilly bag with your multi-tiered dress any better if they had come as a package deal! Great look on you! Love the little strapless blue number with the cuff.

    You have a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by.

  6. that floral dress is so pretty and you have a pretty smile

  7. umm isnt that Kunle in the last pic?.. wow small world!

    Ohh Loves the floral dress!

  8. honey both the floral and blue are cute dresses and loving the short hair.
    rock on honey

  9. Your hair looks great! And with that dress u look just amazing!

  10. TRES cute!

    Follow and post comments on this FAB new blog...

  11. ok i love that floral dress!! and the belt, it looks great with it

    miss neira

  12. Oh I love your dresses darling!!! Your hair looks great :)

  13. that ruffled dress is to die for. so cute!

  14. You look lovely with the short hair. Nice dresses!!!

  15. Hey girly! checking up on ya! Blogger misses u. Come back!! lol

  16. youre very sweet!! i love your pics...

  17. I absolutely love the haircut. It looks fabulous on you. : )