Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iT kEePs gEtTiNg sHoRtEr

I couldn't tell you what came over me but about a week ago... but I decided to chop my hair OFF!

I'm really suprised by this as I'm a 'big hair' girl... buttttt... I really AM loving it!!!

In one of the few days of summer that we've actually had in the past while... I went out with some friends to the harbourfront for some r & r... thats the CN tower in the background...

Dress: A lucky HEAVILY discounted buy from consignment store, Glasses: Prada Butterflies, Flipflops: Havaianas, White Gold studs: Italy, handbag: Miss Sixty Red Lipstick: Rimmel, Cherry Burst Lancome juicy tube for topcoat

Then a couple days later, I went to a friends birthday get-together with my best friend... the first time a lot of my friends saw my hair... they too, love it.

Strapless dress: Forever 21(and i LOVE IT!!!), shades: Prada Butterflies, black flats: bamboo, Silver arm cuff: really wikkid jewellry store downtown... the name of which I don't remember... but this cuff makes me giggle with gleeeeeeee

The possibilities with short hair seem almost limitless... I really am surprised cos I thought I'd hate this... considering I've a round face... but so far.. so good..