Friday, August 28, 2009

Dominicano and Back

I just got back from a seven day vacation in the dominican republic with my little sister... Had to take her as she refused the usual gift of a hug or ipod associated with 21st birthdays... But i love her so I decided to... lol

We stayed at a very lovely gorgeous hotel... The Vik... in Punta Cana... A bit coupley... but i suppose we are destined to be together forever... Through blood and our similar sense of humor.

So after countless drinks, numerous botched, attempts at speaking Spanish, countless men hitting on us wich translated poems et al, tons of fish and seafood, more time in the water than amphibians... we're back... ableit MUCH MUCh darker than we left Canada.

We had a blast!!! I highly recommend the Dominican for anyone who just needs time off from the hustle of day to day life... Especially in one of their nicer hotels. It really is a paradise of sorts. A salve for the spirit... One of my favorite vacations I tell you...

I really didnt want to come back...

I'm wearing tooo many things to list but theres a lot of bcbg, united colours of benetton, marciano, mendocino, versace jewellry, club monaco, sam edelman, nine west, h&m and french connection in there...


  1. Welcome back, darling! Looks like a faaaaabulous vay-cay! Loving all your bikinis, especially that retro high-waisted one! You and your sis are so gorgeous!


  2. Wow, what great photos; I'm so jealous!

  3. welcome back, I missed your posts! great photos, you had an amazing time it seems! :)
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  4. I love the beach. I'm about to post my own shots, though not nearly as interesting, lol.

  5. wow you guyz really had fun..

  6. Dang!!! Best vacation I can jealous. I am happy for you

  7. Beautiful pictures!!! I want to go on vacation sooo much!! You look amazing in all the pics, such a beautiful girl!!

  8. looks like you had fun ;) I love the beach photos especially the zebra print.

  9. your trip looks like so much fun! i love your swimsuits!


  10. i bet you had a great time!!!welcome back
    im waiting to see you rockin when the first cold days arrive

  11. I really like the "BOMBshell-esques Ebony Sirens" way you wear your various swimsuits, very "Beach GLAM's Refreshing/Sexy side" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  12. Oh that looks like a paradise, lucky you, you must have had amazing time!!! Gorgeous photos dear, love your looks :)

  13. Look at ya'll! Both pin-ups!

  14. loving all the looks!

    that one dress by the pool is hot!


  15. hi honey, welcome back from your vacay. Looks like it was a fabulous one! loving all the images honey,you looked sun soaked and fabulous. hope both you and your sister feel restored,rejuvenated and well rested.

  16. loving all these fits!!! d high waisted bikini is hot!!! where from?

  17. Ditto on the high waisted bikini.. tres cute!

  18. The beach! Ow, how i wish i was there. Awesome swimsuits. :)

  19. Fabulous photos...I so love the ocean!

  20. uuuh that V-SHAPE. You rock baby

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