Friday, July 31, 2009

tOp hAt?!?!

I wore a hat for the first time EVER as part of my outfit... not just as a way to cover up my hair on the way to the salon...

This hat sort of belongs to a boy...
(Definitely a great way to experiment before plopping down $150 and deciding with my next hairstyle that I detest the very sight of hats...)
I couldn't tell you why I did... but I sort of liked the look...
... though I should probably mention my best friend really doesn't like it... I think she might genuinely be worried about me... what with me listening to rock music, wearing black nail polish occasionally, and now wearing fedoras like top hats... lol

I wore it out to Chris's bday thingie downtown... who by the way is a really amazing photographer... check out his blog:

With Mandee: One of my favorite people on the planet

Posing with the bday boy:

Isn't he just perfect? I love his skin:

With My Gorgeous Jolene... who has a way better butt than I could ever hope to... he is also one of my favorite friends:

White Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Club Monaco, Bag: Miss Sixty, Wedges: Nine West(own them in brown), Ring: Top shop(Got it in Dublin and absolutely LOVE IT... its sooo in-your-face), Bangles: Elephant tusk(from Ghana)

NB: So I tried red lipstick for the first time today... well cos I was initially supposed to go to a Chris Bosh party tonight... but decided against well... cos a really close friend of mine is getting married tomorrow... and asides from going for that... and the reception... she wants me to come out to her hotel in the morning and help her get dressed... so I need my beauty sleep...

Exhibit A:

Hopefully this shade isn't too bright... pardon my messy, frizzy hair... (its-due-to-not-announced-on-the-weather-channel-today) rain!!!


  1. Awe that hat is cute & I love the shade of that lipstick

  2. that hat looks hot on you :)
    love the red lipstick, too.

  3. I love fedoras. That looks very cute on you. The lipstick is a nice color for your skin tone.

    Have a great weekend, my dear.

  4. Love this look! Fab shorts (and legs)!!


  5. gotta love the color that POPS :) soo fab!


  6. I like your outfit! And hey nothing wrong with a little experimentation in one's style ;)

  7. You look amazing!!! I adore the fringe & a cute outfit. The hat deffo suits.
    Personally never worn a hat like it, but have bought one ;P

  8. First time here, love the look and heels. Love your blog too.

  9. i love hats and the mood/drama that they can bring to an outfit.liking this one on you girl! Glad that Dublin was good, im well thanks.
    Have a yummy weekend

  10. Like the hat! My boys (21 & 17) never leave the house without theirs. All the girls here in The OC wear them too...even to the beach with their bathing suits!

    Very brave to try the red lipstick...looks good on you though. I always thought about it when I was younger, put it on and then immediately wiped it off. I've always had really big lips and back in the day, they weren't popular!LOL!

  11. the red suits you!and your hair is so shiny!tell us your secret!!

  12. Those shorts are super hot!!

    And the lipstick is fab. Love it XD

  13. I love red lipstick and I so want a top hat! I don't have one yet!...Wonder if there are any here!

  14. Cute pictures. Your smile, so brilliant!

    x robine

  15. thanks! white looks so great on a dark skin!

  16. That hat looks adorable on you; and that lipstick is radiantly ravishing! :)

  17. Your look is so chic, the red lips gives it the final fabulous touch!

  18. love the legs...oh i mean the top.. or the hat..yeah, love everything. you look jus m.u.a.h

  19. the hat added a playful spounk, love the shoes too

  20. i think the red lips look great on you! if i were you i would wear it everyday xo

  21. thanks for your comment (:

    i love the hat!