Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mAmA's gOt a bRaNd nEw bAnG!!

I absolutely LOVE my new hairstyle... love the fact that its shorter... and the hair almost covers my eyes... lol... makes me look a little mysterious I think...

I went out to a friends surprise birthday dinner on Saturday... and typical me... arrived an hour late... after they'd already yelled out surprise! lol... we had a good time though... they do make lovely sangrias at the restaurant... I believe it was called west 50....

Wearing a rabbit fur jacket(twas a gift... please dont crucify me), a club monaco tank, club monaco shorts(which u can barely see... but oh how I love them), Hugo Boss watch... etc etc

ps My best friends already sleeping... wouldve asked her to list out what shes wearing... LOVED her shirt....

I had similar bangs about a year ago... and LOVED em intensely as well...

The outfit above I wore out shopping I think... Now that JACKET I love with a passion thats not my own... I'll take better pictures of it later so u can see the absolute perfection of it... I got it at this amazing boutique for $350 down from $1200...(twas the last size!!!) I couldn't tell u the number of people who have offered to buy it off me...
Jacket: something italian.. ive put it away with my winter stuff or I'd have checked it for clarification, peach shirt(Mendocino), Pants: Marciano, Boots: Tall girl, Bag: Miss Sixty

I went to another birthday party in the city with my best friend:

My tank: Parasuco, Paperbag waist pants: H&M(EVERYBODY and their best friend owns a pair of these ai), Heels: Spring

NOW this is one of my favorite pictures EVER! I've been recently accused of smiling too much in pictures... so I decided to scowl.. lol... I was heading out to a bar downtown with some friends

Top: Well the one inside is just a mendocino bandeau, the outer one is from an asian store which I NEVER tell anyone but my BEST BEST pals about cos ... well somethings you just have to keep secret right?(I mean everybody has that place they dont disclose right?), Ripped jeans: BEBE... I was obsessed with these for a while, Heels: DAVIDS... I'd just bought them at the time... and wore them EVERYWHERE!, ring: Swarovski, BELT: BIBA

At another party:

Friends of mine were performing at a club in the city... and I had to wear these fishnets out to support em... lol... gosh these draw attention!!!
I had a blast that night though...
Dress: Marciano, Watch: Hugo Boss, Necklace: Swarovski, Shoes: I don't even remember I've had these for AGES!

lol... at another birthday party... this one was at my friends house

pardon the slightly dishevilled hair... picture was taken after TONS of dancing and drinking...

Brown?Gold? Corset: Marciano, Black Pencil Skirt: Marciano, Watch: Hugo Boss, Bracelet: Monet, Snakeskin stilletos: Sam Edelman

Went to a 'proposal party' (Lol)... and the only reason I'm even putting up these pictures is cos after the event I took this shirt to my dry cleaner... and it GOT RUINED!!! its a freaking BIBA TOP and i spent good money on it... and now its a disaster... I cant wear it

Didnt really want to ask for damages... cos well when I came back from Nigeria my drycleaning bill was going to be about 800 dollars and they reduced it to $500... so I guess one good turn deserves another.. bla bla blah

I hereby mourn the loss of my gorgeous and used-to-be favorite proposal party shirt... I dont have fantastic pictures of it but it had the most exquisite and intricate beading.. all of which are now OUT!

We all admire: THE RING!


  1. wow, I just LOVE your new hairdo! :)
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  2. new hair is a blast!!!you look like a diva queen!!!great post

  3. Nice...nice...nice...
    WOnder aw many outfit u go get self..lol

  4. I love Ur new hair style!

    so chic...


  5. Really fun pictures and really fun fashions! Your hair is wonderful. I love the bangs that hide the eyes a little. A woman should always keep an air of mystery about her. I've always admired what I call the "Veronica Lake" look (40 &50's old Hollywood). She always wore her hair covering one eye. Very femme fatale.

    Thanks for dropping by my dear. Have a great day.

  6. The new do is fanfuckingtastic! I love it...very fresh, young and sexy. I also love the corset outfit. Looks great with the new style. Your not going to hear anything negative about fur from me. You know I love it too!

  7. I love the bangs on u!!!! U look amazing!!!


  8. Fab pics! You have the most amazing dresses... love the look with the fishnets. And I adoooooooore your fringe, darling! Your hair is so versatile!


  9. you look nice with bangs! and all the pics look like fun!

    are you already part of chictopia?

  10. Congratulations on your fab new hairstyle!!!
    Had to smile about your "I`m an hour to late" ;)

    Happy sunny wednesday to you!

  11. Adoring the blog title, it is so true, fashion is very much so like protein; as it is essential!!! :)

    thanks for the lovely comments :)


  12. Your new hair is fabulous! I actually thought you're some famous rapper girl at first :D cause it makes you look so classy/modern.. love it <3

  13. you look fierce....LOVE the new hair!!!

  14. o, i love that bang! you look amazing with it. i wish i was brave enough to try something other than a black rinse and a good trim :(

  15. I love the new look...you look hot!! Looks like your out flaunting it all over town too!LOL!

  16. I'm a huge huge huge fan of the bangs! The first time I decided to branch out from the braids I got bangs and loved them! Then a year ago, when I branched out again I got side-swept bangs.

  17. love the bangs girly and you make the jeans look so chic... i want to rip mine like that

    love the title

    Vi from Cali

  18. So I know it's probably been said tons of times in the above comments, but.....
    And you look super fab. In all of these outfits! Bummer about that ruined shirt. What a shame, it looked so cute!

  19. love all these fits especially d one u were frowning. PIPING HOT!!

    D bangs look good as well. how's d weather like in canada now??

  20. HEY! Nice pictures, loved your blog, is so original and cool, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.

  21. Nice pictures!
    Great dress and I love your hair.

    x Robine

  22. love the bangs!! wish i could grow my hair that long -- don't have the patience LOL

    you look great on your pictures!!

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  23. ooh I love your new hairstyle too! The bangs totally suits you :D

  24. Wow, the new hair is amazing!!

  25. It looks fabulous and suits you so well! I wish I could try blunt bangs, but it'd remind me of hairstyles from kindergarten haha.

  26. Bangs are bomb! I have them myself, and could never imagine myself without them! :)

  27. Lovely pictures! And love the bangs :)


  28. Love your new hair! I've always wanted to get bangs, but my forehead is so tiny and my face is so square I'm always terrified to. Your outfits are adorable!

  29. i love those fishnets!


  30. I love ALL these outfits! You are so stylish and the bangs look great on you! :)

  31. Hehe I just got bangs too! Yours are fierce girly. I love all your party outfits, you have quite the social schedule :) That's really tragic about the shirt, even in the photos you put up, it looked quite pretty.