Monday, June 29, 2009

7 dAys oF sAd... aNd bLaCk

One of my music Icons Michael Jackson died a few days ago... and I was completely devastated by the news.
I used to love that man so much... I grew up being terrified of the thriller video but stayed glued to the tv everytime it came on... I grew up doing the splits... singing 'we are the world' at the top of my lungs and doing the michael 'hee hee' at the end of every song...

I still planned to marry Michael Jackson
... if he refused to(which I doubt... if only he'd met me)... He was just going to have to give me away at my wedding... or perform in it at least...

But now that dream is over
I feel like I have lost a good portion of my childhood...
...and I'm sad.

So now I have decided to mourn my love... I will wear black for the next 7 days... by wearing black clothes, eyeliner and a veil of tears.

Day 1:

One of my closest friends invited me to her church on Sunday... which went really well by the way... but I noticed that African churches usually spend a lot of time in the service.. up to 4 hours at a stretch... I actually had to step outside for a chocolate break at some point(dont tell anybody ... lol)

I have never worn all black before(I don't think)... so I brought in a little metallic to give me a bit of shine...

oh and I wore makeup!!! lol

We had the best day ever... we all went out to an asian restaurant for lunch... so much fun...

We headed to a house party after this... much fun, amazing drinks, music and michael jackson dances... LOVED IT!

Dress: United colours of Benetton, Shades: Prada Butterflies, Earrings: My favorite random jewellry store(which I can never remember the name of), Shoes: Patricia Field, Bracelets: Versace, versace, swarovski etc


  1. Hello, sweetheart. You look fabulous. Yes, Michael's untimely death was indeed a tragedy.

    Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time, both at the restaurant (the food you eat always look so scrumptious)and the house party.

    I have something for you at my blog. Drop by when you get a chance.


  2. u look stunning!!! i love ur blue pumps!!! very hot!!

  3. Love the colour of those pumps! Reminds me a girl can never have enough shoes :]

  4. u luk sweet, i really like those shoes

  5. love the blue pumps....u rocking that thang like...

    MJ's death, sad so sad!

  6. thank you for the compliment! I'm still blogger "special" and it's been almost 2 years...opps? haha.

    fabulous colour of shoes! my best friends are almost the same colour right now and people keep stopping her over it. haha

  7. i know how you feel about michael, i've been so down too :(

  8. love the pop of the turquoise flats!

  9. hey there! love the shoes honey!
    check out my blog

  10. Cheryl Lynn: Thanks darling... I had a fantastic time... I’ll stop by your blog later... thanks for stopping by

    Stilletolover91: Thanks gorgeous...


    Yinkuslolo: Thanks luv...

    Chayoma: haha.. ur so funny... and cute

    Modelizer: lol at least I feel a little better now... lol.. thanks for stopping by
    The wheels on fire: i don’t even know what to say... im so crushed

    Adela: they’re heels... but thanks

    Preppygoesrock: thanks luv... i’ll stop by for sure

  11. The Blue on those pumps just POP! IT is FUNKY!!! I love it!

  12. I love those bright blue shoes with the black dress - very nice contrast. And the MJ dances sound fun :-)

  13. oh you are absolutely stunning and i love the shoe! so fun, it pops!

  14. Soulboutique: aww thanks darling...

    E: twas fun... tons of fun... appreciate the compliment

    Denise: so are u hun... so are u... thanks

  15. wendyb: thanks luv... LOVE ur jewellry...

  16. i feel your pain--i truly was so upset when i heard the news...
    great great shoes! provide an amazing contrast to the black dress!
    and the food looks too yummy<33

  17. That's sweet of you! I'm also wearing black, though just because I'm at work.

    Love the shoes!

  18. nice pumps! great look you got everytime


  19. Hi there-sounds like you had a lovely day and your dress is just perfect for summer too!

  20. Thank you for your comment at Fashion Pulse! Faulous blog, and fantastic post, I added you on my Lists.


  21. RIP MJ, love your pumps!
    muah x

  22. u look HOT girl! love your sexy shoes!!!!!!!!


  23. Yes, it's so sad about MJ! Hope he will find now the peace he didn't here.

    Dear, you look so cool!!! Love the pop of colour of the shoes. Fab :)

    Thank you so much for visited my blog and left such nice notes.
    Keep in touch if you feel like it.

    I'm adding you to my blog roll.


  24. Those braids...eooooooooooo!
    Still wooondering o...nice pumps too...

  25. those shoes are awesome! i love how u paired it with the black!


  26. Tracey...thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your comments are much appreciated! TWO pair of earrings?! We must rectify this personal treasure problem!!

  27. Nice MJ tribute, darling!
    Love your outfit, especially those fab pumps!


  28. Yes, lovely Michael Jackson tribute. You are adorable! Love those shoes with the black dress. Very chic my dear!

  29. Thank you :)

    Your hair is fabulously long!!

  30. Looove the blue shoes, and your dress looks wonderful!

  31. Young Damsel: Aww thanks luv

    K@blog goggles: thanks darling

    Chicmuse: ur so sweet... love ur blog

    Roxanne: thanks luv

    Sharon rose: oh i had a superb day... love that dress its so easy breezy.... thankfully i have it in white as well... cos black can be a bit ‘hot’ to wear in the summer

    Fashionmoment: you are welcome... i appreciate you stopping by... ill add u as well...

    Daisychain: thanks hun

    Marian: its still so painful... i still cant believe it

    Joelyne: Thanks hunnie...

  32. The Seeker: Tell me about it... i hope he has peace as well... you look amazing in all your posts as well... i’ll add u as well
    Sassy trends: lol they are long aren’t they... lol...
    MissNeira: thanks luv
    Jill: I appreciate you stopping by my blog.. ur one of my faves.. lol.. yeah well actually im much better now.. i own 3 pairs of earrings.. lol.. all my friends make fun of me...
    Couture Carrie: Aww ur so sweet thanks luv...

    I heart Fashion: Muah

    Fabulous Finds Gal: Thanks gorgeous...

    B: lol... i know right?

    Dapper Kid: Thanks luv

  33. oooooh great shos! the dress is also cute!

  34. punkie: thanks luv... its one of my favorite dresses cos its really simple and no-frills

  35. you look fab and the pop of aqua is very savvy.

  36. Love the colour of those shoes!

  37. Love those shoes and definitely make an all-black outfit super fun and chic! Your friends have some lovely shoes too! Oh and YAY for sushi!

  38. savvy: thanks luv

    Lilpixie:theyre so summery ai

    winnie: thanks darling.. appreciate the complement.. and double yay for sushi!!!

  39. You should have been in Harlem today...

  40. you look great!! lol@ the chocolate break@church..i know what you mean! I love this color shoe with the black, it really works!

  41. soo true abt african look great

  42. Cracking up at the chocalate break. That is classic!

    Loving the all black. Very NY chic of you :)

  43. i miss MJ. *tear*

    i love your hair!

    regarding you're earlier post, after talking to my mom, she pretty much said that Northern Nigeria is major strict/conservative when it comes to women's dressing.

    It's hot! so it makes sense to me to wear shorter clothing. I haven't been in Nigeria since i was 5 back in early '99, but i hope in the future, it'll change, so i can wear my cute whit bubble shorts! :)

    ps, have you been to Lagos? (it's my hometown!)

  44. Lol ur quite funny! I'm a big MJ fan myself. Actually a stan if u will. I'm still devastated by d whole thing.
    U look really nice. loving those pumps.

  45. it's so sad...but your shoes are lovely!

  46. Cute!
    I love sushi! Deliciousssss!!
    X, fashion-nerdic.
    Ps. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  47. Love love love your shoes!
    Beth xx

  48. I love your shoes, the color of them is awesome!

  49. When I heart of Michaels dead I was so so deeply shocked. The world lost an amazing performer and person...

    But I must say that even though you're wearing black to mourn your love, you do look beautiful

  50. i like your simple but so stylish dress. matching with bright shoes looks very good!

  51. the dark against your bright shoes look great! and i know what you mean, that thriller video creeped me out!!! I loved it, but I hated the scariness of it when I was little haha xx

  52. Bradford: Went to a tribute today... sooo touching i tell u... saw ur pictures as well... love em...

    Kirstyb: tell me about it...

    Tip: lol... i thought i was the only one man... thanks luv

    Virgos lounge: lol right? They can take FOREVER! But i guess their intentions are good.. its just sometimes u start losing the message if they take too long to get to it... but its all good... in God we trust...

    Simplychic: lol... thanks hunnie

    Mo: i know... i miss him too... thanks love for stopping by... yeah nigerias north is quite conservative but funny enough I didn’t go there... i went to Lagos(which is where ur from right... its amazing there... so much fun things to do... and eat)... lol Heaven help u when u go though cos though they don’t really make any moves to... they constantly harass people about getting arrested for wearing certain clothes.. though it really does depend on where u go in Nigeria...

    Dith: oh my gosh.. i Love u... from one stan to another... thanks for stopping by.. lol.. ur now a favourite.. hehe

    Katie: thanks darling

    Nerdic: I know!! Me too.. funny enough most of my friends cant stand sushi... so sad cos they really don’t know what they’re missing

  53. Beth: thanks luv

    Catherine: I appreciate that...

    Sam: Tell me about it.. I was beyond shocked... thanks for the compliment hun

    Olviya: thanks luv

    Felicia: ur so sweet

    Maverickandlove: I think as kids... we all were.. it was scary and intriguing at the same time... couldn’t look... couldn’t look away.. i love that man... thanks for stopping by

  54. That is an awesome outfit on you!

  55. I really love these blue shoes - simply gorgeous!!!